"I have shot with Dalesport for a number of years now and have always found them to be efficient, well organised and had some very enjoyable days on some of the best moors in the country."

Our Story

Dalesport Sporting Agency LLP was founded by Adrian Thornton-Berry. After growing his estate management portfolio (Farmoor Services LLP) across the North of England Adrian then started to become heavily involved in letting shooting for all his managed sporting estates as well as a large network of estates across the North of England.

Based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, it is the philosophy of Dalesport to provide shooting enthusiasts with some of the very best, most exciting and exceptional shooting experiences in England's finest landscapes.

Since the arrival of Edd Morrison (Partner) we have opened up our market and can now offer shooting not only across the entire UK, but Worldwide.

Days can be organised on estates under our own management or through our extensive network of contacts across the world. It is also a prerequisite to ensure that all requirements for each day are fully met and delivered by our team at Dalesport.

The Team

Adrian Thornton-Berry (Partner)

Adrian was born and bred in the Yorkshire Dales where he still resides and runs his family estate, Farmoor Services and Dalesport. He has a lifetime of experience in fieldsports and is one of the highest regarded and influential upland land managers in the country.

He works closely with estate owners, managers and keepers to harmonise moorland up-keep, to enhance the natural resources of our local moors and dales, in order to embrace and encourage the wealth of exceptional sporting opportunities here in the North of England.

As well as over 35 years experience in managing estates, Adrian also has over 20 years experience in selling driven shooting here in the North of England which has enabled him to gain clients access to some of the finest private shooting estates in Yorkshire.

Adrian works closely with other NGOs and local agencies to improve the habitat for all birds & wildlife and has extensive experience in transforming landscapes as part of this process.

Edd Morrison (Partner)

Edd is a true Yorkshireman who is rarely seen without a gun or rod in hand. He studied Estate Management at Northumbria University where he graduated in 2012. Edd then worked for GunsOnPegs for 4 years, where he was Shoot Account Manager and Secretary to Sports Mutual. He left GunsOnPegs to join Dalesport in 2016.

Edd’s previous roles involved working with over 1,500 sporting estates from all over the world helping them sell their shooting and fishing, he also consulted with UK landed estates for their tax planning as well as running payment systems for their shoots and helped develop ground breaking shooting insurance for individual guns which still thrives today.

Edd is also heavily involved throughout the industry becoming a Northern Ambassador for British Game Alliance, sitting on the GWCT Yorkshire Committee and is Secretary for Yorkshire Dales Salmon Group. Edd also works closely with Adrian managing estates through Farmoor Services where he is studying to undertake his RICS Chartered Surveyor exams.

Archie Thornton-Berry (Partner)

Archie graduated from Newcastle University in 2015. He has since joined the Army in 2016 attending RMAS and commissioning into the Royal Dragoon Guards, where he is still serving to date.

Archie has been a keen member of the Team at Dalesport since 2012 and regularly hosts Dalesport days in his spare time. He has a vast experience in country sports having previously worked at Strone Estate on the west coast of Scotland and undertook a season of hosting at Tregoyd & Llywn Madoc Shoots during the 2015/16 seasons before joining the forces.

Sandy Horner (Administrator)

Sandy was born and bred in North Yorkshire and has spent all of her life here in Wensleydale. Sandy is a jack of all trades and oversees all of the shoot administration, accounts, and co-ordinating everything for both Clients and managed estates here at Dalesport.

Sandy plays a key role within our organisation ensuring each of our Clients enjoys a perfect day in the countryside. Since joining Dalesport in 2014 she has also gained plenty of experience in driven game shooting and all that goes with it here in the UK!

Andrew Watson (Shoot Host)

Andrew is a farmer’s son from the Vale of York and has been involved in all aspects of shooting from an early age ranging from game keeping to running commercial shoots across the North of England.

He has a wealth of knowledge about the UK shooting markets and has introduced many clients to Dalesport since he joined us back in 2013.

He has been a member of the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors since 2006 and is available to instruct our clients as and when requested.

Nick Barnard (Shoot Host)

Nick has worked in conjunction with Adrian for several years helping to either run days shooting on behalf of Dalesport or in his own right.

He was brought up on the family farm where he runs his own shoot. This, coupled with his hosting experience, ensures that he has many contacts and all round knowledge of the shooting world.

Our Partners

Alex Goss – Africa

Alex Goss boasts over 20 years experience hunting on the African continent. British born, Alex spends half of the year in Africa and the other half in Shropshire. He has a background in British field sports which lends his expertise fittingly to be the best man to assist the English sportsman in their pursuit of the African experience.

Alex was brought up on their own family farm near Bloemfontein in South Africa and he has superb personal relationships with the very best Safari Lodges and Hunting Concessions throughout many African countries. His knowledge of Africa, its animals and birds is second-to-none and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with Clients.

Carlos Merello – Spain

Carlos Merello was brought up in the Spanish countryside where he hunted with his father from a very early age, since then it has become a way of life. His passion for Ibex hunting led him to abandon a successful career in the financial world, and at the age of 32 he decided to start Spain Outfitters after spending 14 years also working for one of Spain’s top Hunting Agencies.

Carlos’ knowledge and expertise when it comes to spanish partridge shooting and Hunting in Spain is exceptional and he believes that hunting is the realisation of a dream, a passion, and a way of life. His absolute honesty, professionalism and the quality of each of his shooting/hunting packages; not only in terms of the trophies or the hunting areas he has access to, but the all-round service he provides is what makes hunting with him a unique and unforgettable experience.

Harry Gladwin – Photography

Born into a farming family in Gloucestershire, Harry is a countryman through and through who works on photography commissions throughout the UK. Harry’s passion for the countryside and understanding of the people who live, work and play within it enable him to capture the very essence of country life in his photography.

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